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What does aLot5 mean and why not aLot6?

  • “aLot” means a lot and “5” stands for the 5 senses. 1. Hearing, 2. Smell, 3. Taste, 4. Sight and 5. Touch. You can find more information here (Wikipedia). So the name means “a lot for your 5 senses”. Unlike media like porn or other tools, you can meet real people and experience them with all your 5 senses here. But why not aLot6 or aLot6.com? Wouldn’t that make a lot more sense for this page. No, definitely not. We don’t want to present ourselves clumsily. And we try to differentiate ourselves from the other offerings on the internet as much as possible. That’s why we do our own way.

Do you also offer sex cams and X videos?

  • Yes, but not on aLot5, but on aLot6.com, aLot6.ch, aLot6.at and aLot6.de. These are our webcam pages where we present the best and horniest girls in front of the sex cams. You can also chat directly with the girls from Switzerland, Germany and all over the world via video chat, who will do almost anything for you that you ask them to do. Besides the webcams, you will also find hot x videos with countless tits and pussies.

What ads are prohibited?

  • Free ads for telephone sex, SMS sex etc. You can offer these for a fee.
  • Ads about practices prohibited by law (minors, animals, etc.). We will file criminal charges without warning in such cases. 
  • Ads for the purpose of online bullying. This is a positive internet platform.
  • FAKE ads. We don’t want our visitors to be cheated, we want them to have fun.
  • Ads that support human trafficking or pimping. 
  • Ads offering unprotected sex. Please don’t do that anyway.
  • Ads for the purpose of data collection. This platform isn’t for spying!
  • Ads that contain FSK18 images or videos (visible genitals, including real-looking artificial genitals). It’s better to draw attention to yourself with high-quality erotic pictures.
  • We will delete any ads that violate these policies without refund and without warning. If you aren’t sure, ask us before you publish the ad. We are happy to advise you. (support@aLot5.com / Contact form)

What ads are allowed?

  • Ads for real erotic services (sex workers, clubs, studios).
  • Ads for jobs and real estate in the sex and massage industry.
  • NON-FAKE ads (our guests should be able to use their limited time in a productive way).

What are loyalty points?

  • You get loyalty points when you load your account with money. Promotions, vouchers, etc. have no effect on the loyalty points. If you load your account via invoice, the loyalty points will only be booked once you have paid the invoice. You get one loyalty point for every CHF. You can convert the loyalty points into CHF at any time. For 100 loyalty points you get 10 CHF.

Can I transfer my loyalty points to other accounts?

  • Not directly! But because they were generated from real sales, you can convert them to CHF beforehand. So it’s possible that way. If in doubt, contact our support (support@aLot5.com / Contact form).

Can I transfer my balance to other accounts?

  • Yes, provided both parties agree. Please contact our support (support@aLot5.com / Contact form). But the transfer only applies to account balances that you paid for with money. For example, the starting capital cannot be transferred.

Do I have to register to write a comment?

  • Yes, we only allow comments from registered or logged-in users. But you remain completely anonymous. 
  • All we need is your email address and a password. We also assure you that your email address will not be passed on. And you will definitely not get spam from us.

How many free ads can I place per day?

  • It depends. If the ads make sense, unlimited (e.g. different sex worker, not fake etc.); otherwise a maximum of 2. We ask you to book a premium ad for any beyond this. Then you can post additional free ads.

Can I top up my account via invoice?

  • Yes you can. The maximum amount depends on your credit rating. As soon as you’ve paid an invoice, your creditworthiness increases and your maximum amount increases.
  • How long does it take for my account to top up if I choose the invoice option?
  • It’s instant. If you are allowed to top up your account via invoice, the amount is available to you immediately and without further verification. 

Will I get in trouble if I don’t pay an invoice?

  • No, we will neither send you a reminder nor send a debt collection agency after you. We want you to feel comfortable with us. If you don’t pay an invoice, you probably have a reason. You will continue to be a welcome customer. However, your credit rating will drop and you will no longer be able to top up your account via invoice.

Can I top up my account in another way if I still have outstanding invoices?

  • Yes, you can top up your account at any time with the other payment options, even if you still have outstanding invoices. We will not use your account top up to pay your outstanding invoices. 

Why are my ads blocked or no longer released?

  • There can be various reasons for this. For example, you may have violated the terms and conditions or placed too many free ads. In any case we will inform you of this. If you have any questions, contact aLot5 support (support@aLot5.com / Contact form)

Can I deactivate and reactivate ads?

  • Yes, you can activate or deactivate an active ad at any time for free. However, the ad duration continues to run. This makes sense especially if, for example, you want to prevent guests from being shown ads from advertisers who are not currently available. If you would like to pause an ad for a longer period of time, please contact us. We’re open to discussing options.

Can I delete an ad?

  • Yes, you can easily delete an ad at any time. But the costs are lost. Contact us before removing an ad. Then we may be able to reimburse part of the costs. This is no longer possible after the ad is deleted. In the meantime you can deactivate it.

Will my ads also be displayed on other portals?

  • No! We don’t do that as a matter of principle!

Can I change my ads?

  • Yes, it’s possible to do that in the admin area at any time, free of charge and without any problems. If you need help, contact support (support@aLot5.com / Contact form).

How do I become a “VIP user”?

  • If we determine that you aren’t uploading fake ads and haven’t violated the terms and conditions for a certain period of time, you will become a VIP. If you think you should already be considered a VIP user then get in touch with us. You can see whether you are a VIP user in the admin area below your user ID.

What are the advantages of being a “VIP user”?

  • VIP user ads are no longer checked. This also applies to free ads. You can also get VIP support. You can see whether you are a VIP user in the admin area below your user ID.

Do I have to type “aLot5.com” to reach the site?

  • No, you can use multiple domains and top-level domains to get to our site. The following work: aLot5.com, aLot5.ch, aLot5.de, aLot5.at, aLot6.com, aLot6.ch, alot6.de, aLot6.at. This is to ensure that you can still find us if you make a typo :-)

Should I include my address in the ad?

  • Yes, that would be ideal. If you enter your address in your ad, your guest can find or filter you using the “Within a radius of 10 km” function. This also applies to free ads. If you want to remain anonymous, you can, for example. only enter your postal code and city. You can leave out the street. It still works then. You can also use a different postal code and city in your area if you like.

Why isn’t the map appearing in my ad?

  • If the map doesn’t appear in your ad, there is probably an error related to the address. You can, for example, leave out the house number. You can also leave out the street altogether. But if you specify a street, it has to exist. The minimum you need to provide is the city and postal code. It’s important to enter both, since a city or a postal code can appear in different countries. But they are unique when combined.

Why are certain words overwritten with an asterisk (*)?

  • Some payment providers want to distance themselves from particular words. So these words have to be censored if you want to use the payment option.

Can I become an aLot5 partner?

  • Yes! In the admin area under “Become an aLot5 partner” there is a link that you can send to your friends or acquaintances, for example via WhatsApp or e-mail. If they register using this link, you will receive a handsome part of the generated sales in future. Cash or in the form of Lots. If you’re a webmaster, you can also place one of the listed banners on your site. That also allows you to benefit from the generated sales. In order for you to be a partner, you have to register with us (Register here).

Do you have any other questions?


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