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We did it! After months of development, we were finally able to release on 7 June 2022. has set itself the goal of providing visitors, and especially advertisers, with a fast and visually appealing site.

Since every advertising platform needs lots of advertisers in order to attract visitors, we are starting with some generous promotions.

You get the following services from us:

When you open an aLot5 account, we will give you CHF 100 for free so that you can start advertising immediately. If you are a club or studio, you even get CHF 1,000 for free.

But that’s not all. When you spend money in future, you get one loyalty point for each CHF purchased. When you’ve collected enough loyalty points, you can then convert them into CHF with a click. For 100 loyalty points you get CHF 10. Isn’t that fantastic?

Don’t wait long to create your first ad on The 100 fastest advertisers will also receive a voucher for CHF 100.

We hop you will have lots of fun and success with the advertisements.

Your aLot5 team

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